NihonGO NOW!

Performing Japanese Culture

NihonGO NOW! is a beginning- and intermediate-level courseware package that takes a performed-culture approach (PCA) to learning Japanese. You can learn more about PCA here

Script Performance

Let’s learn the basics by rehearsing and performing scripts in Japanese. Carefully watch and listen to the models in the media files first and practice performing. Use the Textbook as a reference. Before you begin studying with NOW!, watch tips for learning Japanese with NihonGO NOW! on YouTube (5:40). 

All Scenes    BTS (Behind the Scenes) 

Click the book you are studying to access the ACT lesson. Both audio files and YouTube videos are available to learn and practice the scripts. Flashcards are also available to study the vocabulary. 

Speaking & Listening

After you learn the basics with the script performance, sharpen your Japanese speaking and listening skills in the Activity Book!

Click the book you are studying to access the media resources to complete the activities. 

Reading & Writing

Reinforce what you have learned through learning new symbols (hiragana, katakana, and kanji) in the Textbook and doing reading and writing exercises in the Activity Book.  Audio files for example sentences as well as flashcards are available to study the new symbols.  

BTL (Between the Lines)      Writing Paper

Reading & Writing

Symbol list


Let’s test your Japanese skills and knowledge NOW!

評価 Assessment

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