NihonGO NOW!

Performing Japanese Culture

NihonGO NOW! is a beginning-level courseware package that takes a performed-culture approach to learning Japanese. This site provides audio files, videos, supplementary exercises, glossary, kanji list, vocabulary flashcards, and a teachers’ manual etc. for NOW!

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NihonGO NOW! live drama series (Season 1)

Check out the live drama series of Sasha, Brian, and Amy. Directed by Hiroki Ohsawa Production


Vocabulary flashcards for ACT  1-6, ACT 7-12, ACT 13-18, and ACT 19-24 are available on Quizlet. 

Kanji List (Credit: Kanji Alive)

The list of kanji characters are directly connected to Kanji Alive search results to help you practice reading and writing kanji characters. 


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NihonGO NOW! is a beginning-level courseware package that takes a performed-culture approach to learning Japanese. This innovative approach balances the need for an intellectual understanding of structural elements with multiple opportunities to experience the language within its cultural context. From the outset, learners are presented with samples of authentic language that are context-sensitive and culturally coherent. Instructional time is used primarily to rehearse interactions that learners of Japanese are likely to encounter in the future, whether they involve speaking, listening, writing, or reading. Level 1 is comprised of two textbooks with accompanying activity books. These four books in combination with audio files allow instructors to adapt a beginning-level course, such as the first year of college Japanese, to their students’ needs. They focus on language and modeled behavior, providing opportunities for learners to acquire language through performance templates. Online resources provide additional support for both students and instructors. NOW! is available for purchase on various online platforms such as Amazon and Routledge. E-versions are also available. 

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