Tuesday, July 23, 2024

AB 6

6-1 留学生センターで勉強しています。

☊6-1-1C Ongoing action vs. resulting state (BTS 1)

☊ 6-1-2C What’s going on? (BTS 2, 3)

☊ 6-1-3P Responding negatively to “yet” questions (BTS 2, 3)

☊ 6-1-4P Apologizing for an assignment not yet completed (BTS 2, 3)

6-2 鈴木彩乃といいます。

☊6-2-1C Where is it? (BTS 8)

☊6-2-2C Point in time or amount of time? (BTS 9)

☊6-2-3P How many are coming?

☊6-2-4P Where is it? (BTS 8)

6-3 みんなで写真撮りませんか?

☊6-3-1C More or already? (BTS 2, 12)

☊6-3-2C Who is it? (BTS 13)

☊6-3-3P Asking someone to buy more (BTS 12)

6-4 名刺交換

☊6-4-1C Listening for contact information (BTS 14)

☊6-4-2P Confirming a change (BTS 16)

6-5 お話ししたいんですが……。

☊6-5-1C What’s going on? (BTS 19)

☊6-5-2P Explaining that you want to (BTS 19, 20)

☊6-5-3P Offering to be the one to do it (BTS 21)

☊ 6-5-4P Using polite language (BTS 21)

6-6 よくご存知ですね!

☊6-6-1C Identifying question word + か & も (BTS 18, 22)

☊6-6-2P This one’s better. (BTS 24)

☊6-6-3P I’ll have this. (BTS 28)

☊6-6-4CP Which one? (BTS 24)

6-7R メニュー


  1.  /v/
  2.  /l/ and /r/
  3.  /th/
  4.  /wh/
  5. Yoo-on (拗音: Small ャ、ュ、ョ)

6-7-1R Ordering food

6-7-2R Verifying where people are from

6-7-3R Asking for permission

6-7-4R Politely indicating where people are

6-7-5R Making requests

6-7-6R Stating what people are doing right now

6-7-7R Identifying an odd item

6-7-8W Checking if something has been done already

☊ 6-7-9W Getting to know new people