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ACT 6-2

鈴木彩乃といいます。 My name is Ayano Suzuki.

BTS 5  Phrase Particle + です

BTS 6  NAME + といいます・おっしゃいます↑・申します↓

BTS 7  Change of State: Noun + になります・なりました

BTS 8  Locations

BTS 9  Time Classifier 〜間


Quizlet 6-2

Quizlet 6-2 (kana)

Activity Book

☊6-2-1C Where is it? (BTS 8)

☊6-2-2C Point in time or amount of time? (BTS 9)

☊6-2-3P How many are coming?

☊6-2-4P Where is it? (BTS 8)


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