Saturday, June 15, 2024

AB 9


9-1 ここ掃除したの誰?

☊ 9-1-1C Identifying sentence modifiers (BTS 1)

☊9-1-2C Confirming something (BTS 2)

☊9-1-3P Giving permission to a particular group of people (BTS 1)

☊9-1-4P It’s been done!  (BTS 3)

9-2 できた!

☊9-2-1C What’s the amount? (BTS 6)

☊9-2-2C For what purpose? (BTS 5)

☊9-2-3P Reporting the proportions (BTS 2, 6)

☊9-2-4P Let’s do it (BTS 5)

9-3 教えるの好きだし。

☊9-3-1C What job? (BTS 7)

☊9-3-2P Discussing career aspirations (BTS 7, 8)

☊9-3-3P Giving potential reasons (BTS 8, 9)

9-4 一番行ってみたいところは?

☊9-4-1C Where’s the city? (BTS 11)

☊9-4-2C Which is the most… (BTS 10)

☊9-4-3P Asking which is the most X (BTS 10)

☊9-4-4P Acknowledging the defining feature of a place (BTS 11, 12)

9-5 聞く方?それとも弾く方?

☊9-5-1C Hobbies

☊9-5-2P Justifying a situation (BTS 13, 14)

9-6 何倍も上手でしょう。

☊9-6-1C Order of events (BTS 15)

☊9-6-2C Multiplication (BTS 17)

☊9-6-3P Restating the order of tasks (BTS 15)

☊9-6-4P Describing a situation in terms of multiples (BTS 17)


9-7-1R Discussing schedule

9-7-2R Guessing whether it’s a yes or no.

☊9-7-3W Which day is it?


9-8-1R Discussing duration and height

9-8-2R Discussing occupations

9-8-3W Identifying names of people, high school, and college

☊9-8-4W Writing time duration


9-9-1R Introduction

9-9-2R Identifying the one

9-9-3R Discussing plans

☊9-9-4W Writing down names

ACT 9 Hyooka