Monday, July 22, 2024

AB 11


11-1 必要でしたらおっしゃってください。

☊11-1-1C Business phone conversations (BTS 2)

☊11-1-2P Agreeing conditionally (BTS 1)

☊11-1-3P Responding affirmatively with elaboration (BTS 1)

☊11-1-4P Offering to switch (BTS 3) 


11-2 それにしたら?

☊11-2-1C Meanings of 〜たら+non-past (BTS 1, 5)  ☊11-2-2P Suggesting that it’s excessive (BTS 6)

☊11-2-3P Asking what to do (BTS 5)


11-3 10月になったら長袖

☊11-3-1C Meanings of 〜ことにする (BTS 7)

☊11-3-2C Who are these people?

☊11-3-3P Agreeing to a critical opinion and suggesting it’s excessive (BTS 6)


11-4 知っていたら持ってきたんですけど……。

☊11-4-1C Who is it? (BTS 11)

☊11-4-2C From a literary perspective… (BTS 10)

☊11-4-3P Inquiring about relatives (BTS 11)

☊11-4-4P Saying what would have happened (BTS 8, 9)


11-5 休んだらよくなりました。

☊11-5-1C Where does it hurt? (BTS 14)

  ☊11-5-2C Meanings of 〜たら+past (BTS 9, 12)

☊11-5-3P  Indicating where there is pain

☊11-5-4P It wasn’t what I expected (BTS 12)


11-6 そう言ったら笑ってた。

☊11-6-1P Echoing the key idea (BTS 15)

☊11-6-2P Asking topic-determining questions (BTS 15)

☊11-6-3CP Being an engaging listener (BTS 15)  



11-7-1R Filling in if or when statements

11-7-2R Giving Suggestions

11-7-3W Writing initial greetings in a letter



11-8-1R Making logical decisions

11-8-2R Expressing imagined conditions

☊11-8-3W Writing down important information on a memo



11-9-1R Finishing a story with a punch line

11-9-2R Telling a story

11-9-3W Leaving a memo

ACT 11 Hyooka