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1. Teaching Resources

Brigham Young University (Tsuchiya et al.) password: nihongonow

Portland State (Curtin)

If you’d like to add your teaching materials, please contact Shinsuke Tsuchiya at

2. Scene Scripts, Audio Scripts, and Teaching Tips

Volume 1 (Level 1 Volume 1) Volume 2 (Level 1 Volume 2) Volume 3 (Level 2 Volume 1) Volume 4 (Level 2 Volume 2)

3. Visual aids

NOW Character facial expressions

4. Video resources

NOTE: These are unlisted videos on YouTube–please do not share the link.

How to use NihonGO NOW! in a language curriculum (webinar series hosted by ALLEX)


Day 1 Introduction to NihonGO NOW!

0:00 Introduction

1:48 NihonGO NOW!の出版・予定

2:43 NihonGO NOW!オンライン

3:42 基本の概念

6:17 登場人物とペルソナ

7:43 学習のユニット(全容)

10:48 学習のユニット(幕の内)

14:41 学習のユニット(おまけ)

15:28 シーンの特徴

17:27 example: speaking listening

17:48 example: reading & writing

19:27 BTS/BTLの特徴

22:39 練習の特徴 (speaking & listening)

26:52 練習の特徴 (reading & writing)

28:32 評価活動の特徴

31:30 ウェブサイトの特徴

39:30 Q & A

Day 2 How to use NihonGO NOW!

0:00 Introduction

3:43 流れ

4:35 カリキュラムと全体の進行

9:23 カリキュラムと課と進行

11:47 基本の概念

12:30 リハーサルの授業(ACT)の流れ

17:03 リハーサル授業の注意点

20:37 リハーサル授業のサンプル

 27:48 リハーサル授業:学生の準備(話す聞く)

29:35 リハーサル授業:学生の準備(読み書き)

30:20 リハーサル授業:スケジュールサンプル

31:58 リハーサル授業:教師の準備

33:16 ACT 14 Scene 6 (導入)

37:02 ACT 13 Scene 9 練習1(読み)

39:09 説明の授業(FACT)の目的と流れ

46:03 評価:オーラルインタビュー

48:08 オーラルインタビュー(サンプル1)アクト6

52:48 オーラルインタビュー(サンプル2)アクト12

57:41 評価:聴解

1:00:55 評価:読み書き

1:03:02 オーラルインタビュー(サンプル3)アクト24

1:06:07 Q & A


Sample teaching videos by Noda-sensei

Recommended for those who are trained in Performed Culture Approach (A reference guide to Performed Culture Approach)

Act 2 Scene 3 Day 2 Act 2 Scene 6 Act 14 Scene 5 Day 2 Act 15 Scene 2 Day 2 (+R/W)

Guided Rehearsal Video (Sample)


Sample Oral interviews

Coming soon…

Sample Cooking NOW videos

Coming soon…

5. Journal articles, conference presentations, and workshops

Review of NOW!

Review by Japanese Language and Literature by Dr. Del Greco (Vol. 57 No. 1 (2023): Japanese Language and Literature)

Review by Tofugu (Winter 2020)

Webinar / Workshops

Tsuchiya, S & Kiyosue, T (December 21, 2023). Localize NOW! A case of BYU with a Q & A session. Workshop organized for NihonGO NOW teacher site users. (slides)

Luft, S. (September 15, 2022). Using Nihongo Now! Activities in the K-12 Classroom. Japanese Pedagogy Workshop for K-12 Japanese Language Teachers hosted by University of Pittsburgh Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures and Pitt’s Asian Studies Center

–> Nihongo Now! activities that are usable as supplementary activities in other curricula (Nihongo Now Supplemental Activity list)

Noda, M. & Tsuchiya, S. (April 26, 2021). Introduction to NihonGO NOW! Workshop for UATJ high school teachers.

Noda, M., P. Wetzel, G. Marcus, S. Luft & S. Tsuchiya. “An Introduction to NihonGO NOW!” A webinar series hosted by ALLEX (Alliance for Language Learning and Educational Exchange) Foundation on February 26th, 2021

Noda, M., P. Wetzel, G. Marcus, S. Luft & S. Tsuchiya. “How to Use NihonGO NOW!” A webinar series hosted by ALLEX (Alliance for Language Learning and Educational Exchange) Foundation on March 6th, 2021


Tsuchiya, S. (2022) From acting out stories to telling stories: Elicitation of oral narrative productions in Japanese language classroom. Paper accepted for publication for Japanese Language and Literature. (Link)

Tsuchiya, S (2022) Incorporating Open-ended Activities in PCA Teaching: A Reflection of Piloting NihonGO NOW! at BYU, In Nakayama, M., R. Torrance, Z. Xie, J. Bundschuh, J. Nunes, & L. Stirek (eds.), DEALL 50th Anniversary Celebration Issue: Proceedings of the International Conference on Issues in East Asian Languages and Literatures, p. 121-135. The Ohio State University Knowledge Bank. (Link)


Scarlett, M. & S. Tsuchiya (2022, November). 4 Steps to Transform Textbook Dialogues Into Engaging Narratives. Paper accepted at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (Boston)

Tsuchiya, S. (2021, March). The Performed Culture Approach: Rehearsing for Improv. Panel organized and presented at Association of Teachers of Japanese. The Annual Spring Conference (virtual). (Abstracts)

  • “Active analysis in immersive classrooms: A student perspective on acting and ‘performing Japanese culture’ “ Christopher J Staley, University of Pittsburgh
  • “Culture talks: Preparing learners for open-ended tasks and improvisation in remote instruction” Karen Curtin, Portland State University “Tryout: Narrative improvisations for intermediate-level Japanese learners”
  • Kumiko Takizawa and Shunichi Maruyama, The Ohio State University
  • “Connect NOW! Creating social purposes for interpersonal and presentational modes of written communication” Shinsuke Tsuchiya and Steven Leach, Brigham Young University

Tsuchiya, S. (2021, November). The Texting Lingo: Online Written Socialization of L2 Japanese Learners. Paper presented at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (virtual).