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AB 12

☊12-1-1C Who benefits? (BTS 1)

☊12-1-2P Thanking for the kind offer (BTS 1)

☊12-1-3P Recognizing a kindness (BTS 1)

☊12-1-4CP Rephrasing (BTS 2)

12-2 ちゃんと食べて(い)るかどうか心配なんだね。

☊12-2-1C Whether or not… (BTS 4)

☊12-2-2P Stating that they won’t let you know (BTS 4)

☊12-2-3P Suggesting you finish and be done with it (BTS 5)

12-3 誰か知らないんだけど。

☊12-3-1C Whether or not… (BTS 6)

☊12-3-2P Saying you don’t remember (BTS 6)

☊12-3-3P Nudging for the conclusion (BTS 8)



12-4 2時を過ぎると……。

☊12-4-1C Who got it? (BTS 1, 9)

☊12-4-2C Who did it? (BTS 1, 9)

☊12-4-3C Isn’t there a different reason? (BTS 14, 11)

☊12-4-4P Describing what happens when… (BTS 13)

12-5 並んでいると似てるかな?

☊12-5-1C She wants you to do it. (BTS 17)

☊12-5-2P Stating a wish (BTS 17, 9)

☊12-5-3P Criticizing the status quo (BTS 16)

☊12-5-4P Directing to stay as is (BTS 16)

12-6 喜んで案内してあげるよ。

☊12-6-1C What’s going on? (BTS 18)

☊12-6-2P Volunteering and taking credit (BTS 18)

☊12-6-3P Volunteering without overtly taking credit (BTS 1, 18)

☊12-6-4P Wanting to help (BTS 18)



12-7-1R Someone does you a favor

12-7-2R Making logical assumptions

12-7-3W Making a request with an embedded yes/no question



12-8-1R Verbs of giving and receiving

12-8-2R Questions with embedded information

☊12-8-3W Greetings


12-9-1R Things I would like you to do…

12-9-2R Shall I volunteer?

12-9-3R Warning with consequences

12-9-4W Rephrasing statements


ACT 12 Hyooka