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ACT 12-6

喜んで案内してあげるよ。 I would be happy to show you around.

BTS 18            Verbs of Giving (from うち to そと) あげる・差し上げる↓ and  〜てあげる・差し上げる↓

BTS 19            Sentence + ことになる

BTS 20            もしかしたら・もしかすると


Quizlet 12-6

Activity Book

☊12-6-1C What’s going on? (BTS 18)

☊12-6-2P Volunteering and taking credit (BTS 18)

☊12-6-3P Volunteering without overtly taking credit (BTS 1, 18)

☊12-6-4P Wanting to help (BTS 18)


Symbol list

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ACT 12-5

ACT 12-7R