Saturday, May 25, 2024

AB 8


8-1 おめでとう。

☊8-1-1C What’s happening?

☊8-1-2C I do it every… (BTS 3)

☊8-1-3P Urging someone to try doing something (BTS 1)

☊8-1-4P Asking what kind (BTS 2)


8-2 そんなに急がないで。

☊8-2-1C Affirmative and negative requests (BTS 4)

☊8-2-2C Giving reasons (BTS 5)

☊8-2-3P Requesting to stop (BTS 4)


8-3 お邪魔します

☊8-3-1C Invitation to do what? (BTS 7, 8)

☊8-3-2P Approving ideas for action (BTS 8)


8-4 いらしたこと、ありますか

☊8-4-1C How often? (BTS 10)

☊8-4-2P Showing reluctance (BTS 10)

☊8-4-3P Telling that you haven’t done something before (BTS 10)

☊8-4-4P Sometimes I don’t do it. (BTS 10)


8-5 優しそうなお母さん

☊8-5-1C Being an engaging listener (BTS 14)

☊8-5-2C What’s about to happen? (BTS 12)

☊8-5-3P Agreeing with an observation (BTS 12)

☊8-5-4P I think he probably will. (BTS 13)


8-6 一回も帰ってないなあ

☊8-6-1C How often does this happen? (BTS 15)

☊8-6-2C How many? (BTS 17)

☊8-6-3P Reassuring (BTS 17)

☊8-6-4P Reporting surpassed expectations (BTS 16, 17, 13)


ACT 8-7R

8-7-1R Identifying dates and times

☊8-7-2R Answering questions about the menu

☊8-7-3W Writing down prices


ACT 8-8R

8-8-1R Reacting with an appropriate aizuchi

☊8-8-2R Reporting a request

8-8-3W What language is it?


ACT 8-9R

8-9-1R Greetings

☊8-9-2R Answering questions about Japanese class

☊8-9-3W Writing a guest list

ACT 8 Hyooka