Sunday, March 3, 2024

ACT 8-5

優しそうなお母さん ‘Your mother seems nice’

BTS 12 優しそう Appearance

BTS 13 だろう

BTS 14 相槌   : そうなんだ、なるほど、確かにに、やっぱり、ふうん、へえ

*NOTE (10.03.23): We have uploaded a new audio file for the build up above. Please note that the old audio file used to created the build up in the following video does not separate the lines.



Quizlet 8-5

Quizlet 8-5 (kana)

Activity Book

☊8-5-1C Being an engaging listener (BTS 14)

☊8-5-2C What’s about to happen? (BTS 12)

☊8-5-3P Agreeing with an observation (BTS 12)

☊8-5-4P I think he probably will. (BTS 13)


Symbol list

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