Monday, July 22, 2024


Pronunciation/Intonation/pitch accent

  1. Prologue: Japanese sounds and romanization (xl)
    1. The mora
    2. Long vowels and long consonants
    3. Pitch accent
  2. Question intonation (1-10 BTS 19)
  3. Pronouncing the alphabet (3-1 BTS 1)
  4. 外来語 (3-3 BTS 14)
  5. Empathy-seeking intonation: 古くない? (21-6 BTS 11)

External Resources for practicing pitch accent patterns

Japanese Pitch-Accent lessons by DOGEN (YouTube Playlist)

Online Japanese Accent Dictionary

A webpage that you can look up different words in Japanese to check the pitch accent patterns and pronunciation  for different conjugations (Credit: Online Japanese Accent Dictionary).

Prosody Tutor Suzuki-kun

A webpage that you can type in or copy and paste a text to analyze the pitch contours (Credit: Online Japanese Accent Dictionary). This resource is great for practicing your presentational skills (Intro video).


JAccent is an offline Japanese accent dictionary for Japanese teachers and learners (Credit: JAccent).