Sunday, March 3, 2024

ACT 3-1

日本語で何といいますか? Nihongo de nan to iimasu ka? What’s it called in Japanese?

BTS 1  Pronouncing the Alphabet

BTS 2  Nouns Modifying Nouns: NounA no/na Noun B    NounA の・なNounB

BTS 3 日本語で何といいますか? Nihongo de nan to iimasu ka?   ‘What’s it called in Japanese?’ or ‘What would it be called in Japanese?’

BTS 4  Phrase Particle 〜って 〜tte

BTS 5  NounX + のこと  NounX + no koto ‘a matter of NounX’

BTS 6  ああ、なるほど   Aa, naruhodo   ‘Oh, of course’


Quizlet 3-1

Quizlet 3-1 (Romaji)


ACT 3: -mashoo forms (verbs)-(type in Romanization)

ACT 3: Noun -ja nai forms-(type in Romanization)

Activity Book

☊3-1-1CP Asking about acronyms (BTS 1, 4, 5)

☊3-1-2P Agreeing with an opinion (BTS 2)

☊3-1-3P Confirming the topic before answering the question (BTS 2)

☊3-1-4P Picking up on a topic (BTS 4)


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ACT 2 Assessment

ACT 3-2