Saturday, June 15, 2024

AB 10


10-1 切符買っておきますので。

☊10-1-1C Doing what in advance? (BTS 1)

☊10-1-2C What activities are suggested? (BTS 2)

☊10-1-3P Reassuring that everything will be fine (BTS 1, 3)

☊10-1-4P Let’s do it! (BTS 2)


10-2 絶対仕上げたい論文なので

☊ 10-2-1C In the middle of… (BTS 4)

☊ 10-2-2C I’m so sorry. (BTS 5)

☊10-2-3P Suggesting (BTS 4)

☊10-2-4P Suggesting (BTS 5)


10-3 お決まりでしょうか。

☊10-3-1C What’s going on? (BTS 6)

☊10-3-2C What did they order?

☊10-3-3P Confirming positions (BTS 6)

☊10-3-4P Requesting politely (BTS 6)


10-4 ……言うこともあるかもしれません。

☊10-4-1C How certain? (BTS 8)

☊10-4-2P Gently disagreeing (BTS 8)


10-5 分からないことが多くて……。

☊10-5-1C How is self-image restored? (BTS 10)

☊10-5-2P Acknowledging the workload (BTS 9)


10-6 がっかりしないで

☊ 10-6-1C What is being described? (BTS 9)

☊ 10-6-2C Who has more? (BTS 12)

☊10-6-3P Suggesting (BTS 12)

☊10-6-4P Being at a loss as to how (BTS 14)



10-7-1R Doing things ahead of time

10-7-2R What does he suggest?

☊10-7-3W  Describing recipes



10-8-1R Who is being more polite?

10-8-2R Is Smith-san certain?

☊10-8-3W Writing reminders on a note



10-9-1R Expectation vs. reality

10-9-2R Receiving words of advice

☊10-9-3W Jotting down a schedule

ACT 10 Hyooka