Saturday, June 15, 2024

ACT 10-1

切符買っておきますので。 Because I’ll buy tickets ahead of time.

BTS 1  Verb〜ておく

BTS 2  Let’s VERB: Verb 〜よう ・〜おう

BTS 3  Giving an Explanation: Sentence ので


Quizlet 10-1

Activity Book

☊10-1-1C Doing what in advance? (BTS 1)

☊10-1-2C What activities are suggested? (BTS 2)

☊10-1-3P Reassuring that everything will be fine (BTS 1, 3)

☊10-1-4P Let’s do it! (BTS 2)


Symbol list

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ACT 9 Assessment

ACT 10-2