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Volume 4 (L2 V2) Kanji #296-450

Each kanji on the list below has a direct link to its search result page from the kanjialive site. kanjialive (demo) is a free study tool to help Japanese language students of all levels learn to read and write kanji. A NOW! Kanji List in relation to JLPT level is available here (JLPT Kanji List N5 – N2)

Volume 4 (Level 2 Volume 2)

Kanji #296-450

Quizlet Flashcards

Stroke order and examples (Credit: kanjialive)

Between the Lines

ACT 19

19-7R 1.     Script choice (19-7R)

2.     Innovative vocabulary (19-8R)

3.     Listening to and reading news stories (19-9R)

4.     Becoming proficient in reading by using multiple reading strategies (19-9R)

5.     Using online resources and apps (19-9R)

ACT 20

20-7R 1.     起承転結 (20-7R)

2.     Onomatopoeia in manga (20-7R)

3.     Creative sentence endings: キャラ語尾 (20-7R)

4.     Ending with noun (20-8R)

5.     Identifying and describing kanji:部首 (20-8R)

6.     Choosing words to refer to yourself (20-9R)

7.     Usernames (20-9R)

8.     Reading manga and watching anime (20-9R)


ACT 21

21-7R 1.     Including 平仮名 and カタカナ as part of search words (21-7R)

2.     Using online resources to study Japanese (21-7R)

3.     Composing catchy headlines and titles in Japanese (21-7R)

4.     キラキラネーム (21-7R)

5.     How to use 原稿用紙 (21-8R)

6.     Compositions and papers: 作文、小論文 (21-8R)

7.     More on written style (21-8R)

21-8R 調
ACT 22

22-7R 1.     にて・まで in business writing (22-7R)

2.     Japanese addresses (22-7R)

3.     履歴書 (22-8R)

4.     Talking about your strengths in Japanese (22-9R)

5.     Using the appropriate terms of address: 当社 vs. 弊社 and 御社 vs. 貴社 (22-9R)

6.     Verb stem 〜得る (22-9R)


ACT 23

23-7R 1.     Sorting trash: ゴミの分別 (23-7R)

2.     Job hunting (23-7R)

3.     More on より(23-7R)

4.     のみ (23-8R)


ACT 24

24-6R 1.     恩と義理 (24-6R)



ACT 19-24 kanji for review