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ACT 22-9R

自己 PR Promoting your strengths


BTL 4 Talking about your strengths in Japanese

BTL 5 Using the appropriate terms of address: 当社 vs. 弊社 and 御社 vs. 貴社

BTL 6 Verb stem ~得(え)る・得(う)る

Activity Book

22-9-1R Understanding ~てばかり and さえいれば

22-9-2RW Promoting your experience of studying Japanese 日本語学習経験をPRする

22-9-3RW Describing your strengths in extracurricular activities 学業以外の経験をPR する

22-9-4RW Relating your experience to your reason for applying 経験を志望理由に結びつける


Symbol list

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ACT 22-8R

ACT 22 評価