Monday, July 22, 2024

AB 7


7-1 バスがあるから便利でいいです。

☊7-1-1C Which one is better? (BTS 3)

☊7-1-2P Suggesting otherwise (BTS 1)

☊7-1-3P Reassuring that you are adjusting well (BTS 2)

☊7-1-4P Specifying the extent with a comparison (Act 6 BTS 24)

7-2 みんな上まで登るの?

☊7-2-1C What’s going on? (BTS 4)

☊7-2-2P Showing agreement with amplification (BTS 4)

☊7-2-3P Confirming the order of business (BTS 4, 5)

☊7-2-4P Explaining that you want to, but… (BTS 4)

7-3 先に始めてって

☊7-3-1C Hearsay or not? (BTS 9)

☊7-3-2P Relaying information to a relevant person (BTS 9, 8)

☊7-3-3P Showing surprise (BTS 8, 9, 4, 6)

☊7-3-4P Two-part explanations (BTS 8)

7-4 もう大丈夫だと思います。

☊7-4-1C Agree or disagree? (BTS 11, 12)

☊7-4-2P Responding to a show of concern (BTS 11)

☊7-4-3P I don’t think so. (BTS 12)

☊7-4-4P I’ve been thinking I’d like to (BTS 12)

7-5 同じ電車の人は……。

☊ 7-5-1C Identifying sentence modifiers (BTS 14)

☊7-5-2P Giving permission to a particular group of people (BTS 14)

☊7-5-3P I did it with Yamada-san (Act 6 BTS 25)

☊7-5-4P Stating how many were involved (Act 6 BTS 25)

7-6 あれ?まさか。

☊ 7-6-1C What’s going on? (BTS 18)

☊ 7-6-2C What’s going on? (BTS 17)

☊7-6-3P Trying to remember what something/somebody is called (BTS 19)

ACT 7-7R

7-7-1R Comparing two items

7-7-2R Expressing surprise

7-8-3W Getting information

ACT 7-8R

7-8-1R Going or coming?

7-8-2R Guessing what question is being answered

7-8-3W Getting information

ACT 7-9R

☊7-9-1R Free Response

7-9-2R Which time word is missing?

☊7-9-3W Getting information

ACT 7 Hyooka