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ACT 7-5

同じ電車の人は……。 People on the same train…

BTS 13 Verb Stem as a Noun

BTS 14 Sentence Modifiers (歩く人)

BTS 15 同じ

BTS 16それに



Quizlet 7-5

Quizlet 7-5 (kana)


ACT 7: -RU/U Verbs (type in Japanese)

Activity Book

☊ 7-5-1C Identifying sentence modifiers (BTS 14)

☊7-5-2P Giving permission to a particular group of people (BTS 14)

☊7-5-3P I did it with Yamada-san (Act 6 BTS 25)

☊7-5-4P Stating how many were involved (Act 6 BTS 25)


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