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ACT 3-2

今何時ですか? Ima nan-ji desu ka? What time is it now?

BTS 7  [Noun + は] and [Noun + Phrase Particle + は]    [Noun + I] and [Noun + Phrase Particle + wa]

BTS 8  Verb Stem 〜ましょう -mashoo forms

BTS 9  Time Expressions and Classifiers -時、-時半、-ji, -jihan

BTS 10 Phrase Particle とto

BTS 11 やっぱりYappari

BTS 12 Negative Questions with [Noun desu] or Adjectives


Quizlet 3-2

Quizlet 3-2 (Romaji)


ACT 3: -mashoo forms (verbs)-(type in Romanization)

ACT 3: Noun -ja nai forms-(type in Romanization)

Activity Book

☊3-2-1C What’s going on? (BTS 12)

☊3-2-2P Saying “Let’s do it!” (BTS 8)

☊3-2-3P Confirming the time of an event (BTS 9, 12)

☊ 3-2-4P Telling who isn’t coming (BTS 7, 10)


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ACT 3-1

ACT 3-3