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ACT 21-6

孝の話(ことば遊び)Takashi’s story (language play)

BTS 10 言ってやった

BTS 11 Empathy-seeking intonation: 古くない?

BTS 12 だから as a discourse connector


Quizlet 21-6

Activity Book

☊21-6-1C Empathy-seeking intonation 同感を求めるイントネーション (BTS 11)

☊21-6-2C Impatience or reason? 不満?納得? (BTS 12)

☊21-6-3P Urging someone to make the obvious choice 明白な選択肢を取るよう提言する

☊21-6-4P Contradicting 逆の視点を示す


Symbol list

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