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ACT 11-4

知っていたら持ってきたんですけど……。 If I had known I would have brought it, but…

BTS 8  Compliments

BTS 9  Conditional 〜たら + Past Sentence 知っていたら ‘If I had known’

BTS 10            X〜的X-like

BTS 11            Extended Family and Terms of Address and Reference


Quizlet 11-4

Activity Book

☊11-4-1C Who is it? (BTS 11)

☊11-4-2C From a literary perspective… (BTS 10)

☊11-4-3P Inquiring about relatives (BTS 11)

☊11-4-4P Saying what would have happened (BTS 8, 9)


Symbol list

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