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ACT 9-6

何倍も上手でしょう。 ‘You are probably many times better.’

BTS 15 Verb〜てからSpecifying Order of Events

BTS 16 ハヤ!

BTS 17 Multiplication 何倍

BTS 18 Compliments and Encouragement



Quizlet 9-6

Quizlet 9-6 (kana)

Activity Book

☊9-6-1C Order of events (BTS 15)

☊9-6-2C Multiplication (BTS 17)

☊9-6-3P Restating the order of tasks (BTS 15)

☊9-6-4P Describing a situation in terms of multiples (BTS 17)


Symbol list

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ACT 9-5

ACT 9-7R