Monday, July 22, 2024

ACT 6-3

みんなで写真撮りませんか? Why don’t we take a picture together?

BTS 10 Verb〜て for Informal Commands

BTS 11 Colors: Adjective and Noun Forms

BTS 12 More: もう and もっと

BTS 13 Describing People: 背が高い・背が低い人  ‘a short/tall person’



Quizlet 6-3

Quizlet 6-3 (kana)

Activity Book

☊6-3-1C More or already? (BTS 2, 12)

☊6-3-2C Who is it? (BTS 13)

☊6-3-3P Asking someone to buy more (BTS 12)


Teaching tips and AB Audio scripts available at Teacher Site.

ACT 6-2

ACT 6-4