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ACT 6-7R

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6-7R ハ・ヒ・フ・ヘ・ホ・マ・ミ・ム・メ・モ・ヤ・ユ・ヨ・ラ・リ・ル・レ・ロ・ワ・ヲ・ン

BTL 1 /v/

BTL 2 /l/ and /r/

BTL 3 /th/

BTL 4 /wh/

BTL 5 Yoo-on 拗音: small ャュョ

BTL 6 ヲ

Additional Examples



All Katakana

Activity Book

6-7-1R Ordering food

6-7-2R Verifying where people are from

6-7-3R Asking for permission

6-7-4R Politely indicating where people are

6-7-5R Making requests

6-7-6R Stating what people are doing right now

6-7-7R Identifying an odd item

6-7-8W Checking if something has been done already

☊ 6-7-9W Getting to know new people


Teaching tips and AB Audio scripts available at Teacher Site.

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