Saturday, June 15, 2024

ACT 6-6

よくご存知ですね! You know a lot, don’t you!

BTS 22 何も  Question Word +も

BTS 23 Noun X か Noun Y (か) Either X or Y

BTS 24 Comparison of Two Items

BTS 25 Noun + と + Sentence

BTS 26 さすが

BTS 27 知ります・存じます↓・ご存知です↑ ‘Know’

BTS 28 Particle に for Decisions:  カレーにします。 ‘I’ll have curry.’


Quizlet 6-6

Quizlet 6-6 (kana)

Activity Book

☊6-6-1C Identifying question word + か & も (BTS 18, 22)

☊6-6-2P This one’s better. (BTS 24)

☊6-6-3P I’ll have this. (BTS 28)

☊6-6-4CP Which one? (BTS 24)


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