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書き取り Dictation


Listen, imagine the context, repeat silently what you hear, then write it down.

Volume 1

Typing practice on Quizlet

ACT 2 Dictation

ACT 3 Dictation 

ACT 4 Dictation 

ACT 5 Dictation

ACT 6 Dictation 

Volume 2

Typing practice on Quizlet

ACT 7 Dictation

ACT 8 Dictation

ACT 9 Dictation

ACT 10 Dictation

ACT 11 Dictation

ACT 12 Dictation

Volume 3

Typing practice on Quizlet

ACT 13 書き取り

ACT 14 書き取り

ACT 15 書き取り

ACT 16 書き取り

ACT 17 書き取り

ACT 18 書き取り


Volume 4

Typing practice on Quizlet

ACT 19 書き取り

ACT 20 書き取り

ACT 21 書き取り

ACT 22 書き取り

ACT 23 書き取り

ACT 24 書き取り


Frequent Asked Questions

How do we use dictation to practice Japanese? 

Dictation exercises can be used to practice typing as well as handwriting things you hear.

How were the dictation items created? 

Dictation items were created by using the newly introduced symbols (hiragana, katakana, and kanji characters) and grammar patterns introduced in each ACT. The dictation sentences are to help you review and internalize the newly introduced expressions and symbols introduced in each ACT.

What’s the difference between the Quizlet files and audio files?

The content is the same. The Quizlet flashcards were created for learners who want to practice typing. You can access the whole sets on Quizlet.