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NihonGO NOW! is a beginning- and intermediate-level courseware package that takes a performed-culture approach to learning Japanese. This site provides audio files, videos, supplementary exercises, glossary, symbol list, Quizlet flashcards, as well as resources for pronunciation, conjugation practice, and reviews by forms and particles and topic. We have a teachers’ manual for registered teachers using NOW! (Teacher Registration)

Written by an impressive team of six university professors, the material is based around authentic everyday scenarios that you’re sure to encounter sooner rather than later if you travel to or live in Japan. …This book is good for both self learners, and teachers of Japanese.

Review on Tofugu

5.0 out of 5 stars Great beginner textbook

I feel like I’m really learning the language not only because there is plenty of informal speech, but because the cultural notes are ingrained into the text and not just as asides. [T]he audio exercises are so great for the development of listening comprehension as well as speech. They can be challenging, but the challenge helps these things to become second nature. … The grammar explanations are jargon free; simple language. 

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NihonGO NOW! live drama series (Season 1)

Check out the live drama series of Sasha, Brian, and Amy. Directed by Hiroki Ohsawa Production


Flashcards for newly introduced vocabulary and symbols (hiragana, katakana, and kanji) are available for ACT  1-6, ACT 7-12, ACT 13-18, and ACT 19-24 are available on Quizlet. 

Symbol List (Credit: Kanji Alive)

The list of kanji characters are directly connected to Kanji Alive search results to help you practice reading and writing kanji characters. 


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