Wednesday, November 29, 2023

ACT 16-4

出ようとしたところに連絡が入って。Just as I was about to leave, word came in.

BTS 9 Past Sentence + ところ + Particle


Quizlet 16-4

Activity Book

☊16-4-1C Just happened or about to happen? (BTS 5, 7, 9) 今あったこと?それともこれから?

☊16-4-2P If I put my mind to it… 機会を逃して後悔する (BTS 3, 4)

☊16-4-3P Just as I was about to… ちょうどしようとしたところに…… (BTS 9)

☊16-4-4P Presenting observation as evidence 見たことを証拠として出す(BTS 8)


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