Monday, April 22, 2024

ACT 17-1

歩きながら食べてるね。We eat as we walk along, huh?

BTS 1 ~ながら

BTS 2 Plural Nouns: ~たち・がた・ら


Quizlet 17-1

Activity Book

☊17-1-1C Meanings of ながら (BTS 1)

☊17-1-2P Stating that you are multi-tasking 同時にしていると伝える(BTS 1)

☊17-1-3P Apologizing for not being prompt 遅れていることを謝罪する (BTS 1)

☊17-1-4P Affirming solidarity 仲間意識を高める (BTS 2)


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