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ACT 18-1

雨に降られてビショビショ。I got rained on and am soaked.

BTS 1 Passive

BTS 2 Noun + にしては・も

BTS 3 Verb Stem ~だす

BTS 4 Weather expressions


Quizlet 18-1

Activity Book

☊18-1-1C Who did it? 誰がした?(BTS 1)

☊18-1-2C Listening to the weather forecast 天気予報を聞く(BTS 4)

☊18-1-3P Describing a negative experience 嫌な経験を伝える(BTS 1)

☊18-1-4P Describing based on expectations 期待と比べて伝える(BTS 2)


Symbol list

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ACT 18-2