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ACT 19-3

外すわけにもいきませんし……。We can’t take her off the team either.

BTS 6 Sentence + くせに

BTS 7 Sentence + わけに(は・も)いかない


Quizlet 19-3

Activity Book

☊19-3-1C Listening to complaints 苦情を聞く(BTS 2, 4)

☊19-3-2P Refuting others’ self-assessment 本人の主張をくつがえす (BTS 6)

☊19-3-3P Rejecting an option 可能性を否定する (BTS 6)

☊19-3-4P Warning or believing, depending on the person 人によって評価を変える (BTS 10)


Symbol list

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ACT 19-2

ACT 19-4