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ACT 23-1

10時以降は洗濯するな。It is forbidden to do laundry after 10:00.

BTS 1 Negative imperative: Verb + な

BTS 2 Rules and regulations


Quizlet 23-1

Activity Book

☊23-1-1C Command, self-reflection or modification? (BTS 1)「な」の役割

☊23-1-2C What should one do? どんな案内?(BTS 2) (audio missing)

☊23-1-3P Refuting a false claim 言いがかりを否定する (BTS 1) (audio missing)

☊23-1-4P Reporting a negative command 禁止されたことを報告する (BTS 1)


Symbol list

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ACT 22 評価

ACT 23-2