ACT 2-9R

おいしそうですね! Looks delicious!

2-9R あ・こ・そ・れ・と・か・す・た・て・さ・し・ま・り・き・い・せ・ち・ら・ね・よ・う・え・お

BTL 1 平仮名 Hiragana

BTL 2 Punctuation (句読点)

BTL 3 Handwritten vs. Print Forms of Characters

BTL 4 Diacritics (tenten/daku-on)

BTL 5 Long Vowels

BTL 6 Tips for Writing Practice



All Hiragana

Activity Book

2-9-1R Identifying things and people

2-9-2R Asking various questions

2-9-3W Writing furigana


Teaching tips and AB Audio scripts available at Teacher Site.

ACT 2-8

ACT 2 Assessment

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