Monday, July 22, 2024

ACT 13-2

捨てちゃいけないと思って……。I think you shouldn’t throw them away.

BTS 7 Prohibition: Affirmative Verb ~ては・ちゃ + いけない・だめ・よくない・まずい


Quizlet 13-2

Activity Book

☊13-2-1C What is being suggested? どんな助言?(BTS 4, 7)

☊13-2-2P Saying “No” (BTS 7) 「だめ」と言う

☊13-2-3P Reminding the boss about the limitation imposed (BTS 3, 7) 限られた範囲について

☊13-2-4P Accepting and declining (BTS 6) 受け入れる、断る


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ACT 13-1

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