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ACT 13-4

明日じゃだめなんですか? It’s not okay to do that tomorrow?

BTS 10 Adjective stem + 目

BTS 11 Negative non-past Sentence と Sentence

BTS 12 Noun では・Noun じゃ + いけない・だめ・よくない・まずい

BTS 13 気

BTS 14 Sentence + とき(に)


Quizlet 13-4

Activity Book

☊13-4-1C. Scanning for 気 (BTS 12)「気」を探そう

☊13-4-2C. When does the call occur? (BTS 13) いつの話?

☊13-4-3P Endorsing the suggested trait (BTS 11) 提案を支持する

☊13-4-4P Responding to an objection (BTS 10, 11) 問題に対応する


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