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ACT 3-4

一緒にしませんか? Issho ni shimasen ka? Would you like to do it together?

BTS 15 PLACE  + で

BTS 16 思いやりOmoiyari: Negotiating a Time for an Activity

BTS 17 Xと一緒に NounX to issho ni

BTS 18 Noun だ Noun da

BTS 19 Time Expressions with Classifier 〜分-fun/-pun

BTS 20 TIME + に

BTS 21 Incomplete Sentences (7時15分に。Shichi-ji juugo-fun ni.)


Quizlet 3-4

Quizlet 3-4 (Romaji)


ACT 3: -mashoo forms (verbs)-(type in Romanization)

ACT 3: Noun -ja nai forms-(type in Romanization)

Activity Book

☊ 3-4-1C What time is the train? (BTS 19)

☊3-4-2C Where did they study that language? (BTS 15)

☊3-4-3P Confirming that you’ve heard it right (BTS 16, 19, 20, 21)


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ACT 3-3

ACT 3-5