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ACT 14-4

落 とさないように。 Be careful that you don’t drop it.

BTS 12 Intransitive Verb ~てくる

BTS 13 Past Verb + あとで

BTS 14 Condition + ~うち(に)



Quizlet 14-4

Activity Book

☊14-4-1C When did it happen? いつの話? (BTS 9, 10, 13, 14)

☊14-4-2P It’s starting to get that way. そうなってきました。(BTS 12)

☊14-4-3P Recalling when it happened いつのことか思い出す (BTS 9, 13)

☊14-4-4P Suggesting we do it before it’s too late 早めのタイミングを示唆する (BTS 14)


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