ACT 14-6

壊したんでしょ? It’s that you broke them, didn’t you.

BTS 18 Requirement or necessity: Negative~なくては・なくちゃ + いけない・


BTS 19 Repetition for dramatic effect

BTS 20 Noun でも


Quizlet 14-6

Activity Book

☊14-6-1C Necessity or prohibition? 必要?禁止?(BTS 18)

☊14-6-2C What’s going on? 何があったの?

☊14-6-3P Correcting a friend’s misunderstanding 思い違いを指摘する (BTS 18, 19)

☊14-6-4P Reminding a friend about what the teacher said 先生の言葉を思い出させる (BTS 17, 18)

☊14-6-5P Suggesting a course of action すべきか否かを言う (BTS 17, 18)


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