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Volume 2 RW

7-7R あしたのミーティング

BTL 1 Expanded Spelling

BTL 2 Written forms of  んです

BTL 3 /f/

BTL 4 /w/

BTL 5 /sh/, /j/, and /ch/

BTL 6 /t/ and /d/

BTL 7 /v/

BTL 8 /kw/

BTL 9 /ts/


7-7-1R Comparing two items

7-7-2R Expressing surprise

7-8-3W Getting information

7-8R 行きますか?


BTL 10 Introduction to kanji

BTL 11 Stroke order

BTL 12 送りがな Okurigana

BTL 13 How many kanji?

BTL 14 Keyboard input


7-8-1R Going or coming?

7-8-2R Guessing what question is being answered

7-8-3W Getting information

7-9R 何時までですか。


BTL 15 Radicals


☊7-9-1R Free Response

7-9-2R Which time word is missing?

☊7-9-3W Getting information

8-7R 日本人ではなくて、アメリカ人です。


BTL 1 Conventions vs. actual use ラーメン・らぁめん・拉麺

BTL 2 Numerals and dates in kanji


8-7-1R Identifying dates and times

☊8-7-2R Answering questions about the menu

☊8-7-3W Writing down prices

8-8R よろしくお願いします。


BTL 3 Kanji readings きょう・今日


8-8-1R Reacting with an appropriate aizuchi

☊8-8-2R Reporting a request

8-8-3W What language is it?

8-9R 先生がいらっしゃいます。


8-9-1R Greetings

☊8-9-2R Answering questions about Japanese class

☊8-9-3W Writing a guest list


9-7R 火曜日のレセプション



9-7-1R Discussing schedule

9-7-2R Guessing whether it’s a yes or no.

☊9-7-3W Which day is it?

9-8R 高校の先生だよね?


BTL 1 Quotation marks

BTL 2 Small っ at the end of a word or phrase

BTL 3 漢語


9-8-1R Discussing duration and height

9-8-2R Discussing occupations

9-8-3W Identifying names of people, high school, and college

☊9-8-4W Writing time duration

9-9R オハイオ州立大学のブラウンさん


9-9-1R Introduction

9-9-2R Identifying the one

9-9-3R Discussing plans

☊9-9-4W Writing down names

10-7R 英語を見ていただけないでしょうか。

英語を見ていただけないでしょうか。 Would you check English?


10-7-1R Doing things ahead of time

10-7-2R What does he suggest?

☊10-7-3W  Describing recipes

10-8R 昨日デパートで買ってきました。

昨日デパートで買ってきました。 Bought it yesterday at a department store.



10-8-1R Who is being more polite?

10-8-2R Is Smith-san certain?

☊10-8-3W Writing reminders on a note

10-9R 会社のほうにTELください。


BTL 1 Punctuation in long sentences

10-9-1R Expectation vs. reality

10-9-2R Receiving words of advice

☊10-9-3W Jotting down a schedule

11-7R お世話になっております

11-7R 使

BTL 1 Business emails: お世話になっております、お疲れ様です、よろしくお願いいたします

11-7-1R Filling in if or when statements

11-7-2R Giving Suggestions

11-7-3W Writing initial greetings in a letter.

11-8R 東京駅から電話します


BTL 2 Expressions with multiple meanings: 出る

11-8-1R Making logical decisions

11-8-2R Expressing imagined conditions

☊11-8-3W Writing down important information on a memo

11-9R 駅から歩いて5分です


11-9-1R Finishing a story with a punch line

11-9-2R Telling a story

11-9-3W Leaving a memo

12-7R 漢字を勉強してください。


BTL 1 Joining sentences in written style

12-7-1R Someone does you a favor

12-7-2R Making logical assumptions

12-7-3W Making a request with an embedded yes/no question

12-8R ハイキングに行きませんか。


12-8-1R Verbs of giving and receiving

12-8-2R Questions with embedded information

☊12-8-3W Greetings

12-9R 晩ご飯、いっしょにどう?


12-9-1R Things I would like you to do…

12-9-2R Shall I volunteer?

12-9-3R Warning with consequences

12-9-4W Rephrasing statements