ACT 17-5

話し合っているうちにまとまってきましたね。While we were brainstorming, things started coming together.

BTS 9 Verb stem + 合う

BTS 10 Verb ~てくる

BTS 11 X による: Depending on X


Quizlet 17-5

Activity Book

☊17-5-1C Qualified responses ~次第?情報源? (BTS 6)

☊17-5-2P Predicting a gradual change 緩やかな変化を予測する (BTS 10)

☊17-5-3P Describing a collaborative effort 協働したことを伝える(BTS 9)

☊17-5-4P Saying that it depends 状況によることを指摘する (BTS 11)


Symbol list

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