ACT 17-6

全部食べきれるかなあ。I wonder if I can eat it all.

BTS 12 Sentence + だけ

BTS 13 Verb stem +~きる

BTS 14 Noun だって


Quizlet 17-6

Activity Book

☊17-6-1C When?いつ?(BTS 13)

☊17-6-2P Encouraging to do as much as possible 出来るだけするようアドバイスする (BTS 12)

☊17-6-3P Suggesting that the situation is limited 状況が限られていると示唆する (BTS 12)

☊17-6-4P Defending the blamed person 弁護する (BTS 14)


Symbol list

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ACT 17-5

ACT 17-7R

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