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ACT 24-3

サーシャの挨拶(新たな出発) Sasha’s farewell (moving on)

BTS 5 Formal speech when moving on (discourse structure)

BTS 6 X(を) 始めY、Z


Quizlet 24-3

Activity Book

☊24-3-1C Reason for departure やめる理由 (BTS 5)

☊24-3-2C Identifying elements of a farewell speech 別れの挨拶の特徴(BTS 5)

☊24-3-3P Including gratitude in a speech 感謝をスピーチに込める (BTS 5)

☊24-3-4P Expressing gratitude to others お世話になった人に感謝の気持ちを伝える(BTS 5, 6)


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ACT 24-3

ACT 24-4