Wednesday, November 29, 2023

ACT 5-7R

タクシーでいらしてください。 Please come by taxi.

5-7R ア・イ・ウ・エ・オ・カ・キ・ク・ケ・コ・サ・シ・ス・セ・ソ・タ・チ・ツ・テ・ト・ナ・ニ・ヌ・ネ・ノ

BTL 1 Katakana

BTL 2 Long Vowels (長音)

BTL 3 Borrowed Words

BTL 4 Syllables Ending in Consonants

BTL 5 /ar/, /er/, /ir/, /ur/

BTL 6 /th/

BTL 7 Syllables Ending in Consonants (2)

BTL 8 /w/

BTL 9 Voiced Consonants (濁音・点々)

BTL 10 促音 (small ッ)



All Katakana

Activity Book

5-7-1R Introducing oneself

5-7-2R Seeking information about things and events

5-7-3R Correcting information

5-7-4R Asking for permission

5-7-5R Thank-you memos

5-7-6R Identifying an odd item

☊ 5-7-7W Making a shopping list

☊ 5-7-8W Writing down names


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ACT 5-6

ACT 5 Assessment