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ACT 5-6

お時間いただけませんか? Can I have some of your time?

BTS 14 Change of State: Adjective〜くなります・なりました

BTS 15 甘え ‘Dependence’

BTS 16 Classifier ~目


Quizlet 5-6

Quizlet 5-6 (kana)


ACT 5: 〜て forms (type in Romanization)

ACT 5: 〜て forms (type in Japanese)

Activity Book

☊ 5-6-1C What are the appointment details? (BTS 15, 16)

☊5-6-2P Agreeing with the description of an outcome (BTS 14)

☊ 5-6-3P Requesting a classmate to help (BTS 5, 15)


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ACT 5-5

ACT 5-7R