ACT 5-5

呼んでくださってありがとうございます。 Thank you for inviting me.

BTS 10 敬語   Politeness

BTS 11 Thanking

BTS 12 Sentence + から: Reasons

BTS 13 TIME までに


Quizlet 5-5

Quizlet 5-5 (kana)


ACT 5: 〜て forms (type in Romanization)

ACT 5: 〜て forms (type in Japanese)

Activity Book

☊ 5-5-1C What’s going on? (BTS 12)

☊5-5-2CP What would you say? (BTS 10)

☊5-5-3CP Inviting Sakamoto-sensei to events (BTS 10)

☊ 5-5-4P Reassuring someone that you’ll be there by the specified time (BTS 10, 12)


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ACT 5-4

ACT 5-6

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