ACT 9-1

ここ掃除したの誰? ‘Who is it that cleaned up here?’

BTS 1  More on Sentence Modifiers

BTS 2  Sentence +  の

BTS 3  Transitive Verb〜てある

BTS 4  まったく


Quizlet 9-1

Quizlet 9-1 (kana)

Activity Book

☊ 9-1-1C Identifying sentence modifiers (BTS 1)

☊9-1-2C Confirming something (BTS 2)

☊9-1-3P Giving permission to a particular group of people (BTS 1)

☊9-1-4P It’s been done!  (BTS 3)


Symbol list

Teaching tips and AB Audio scripts available at Teacher Site.

ACT 8 Assessment

ACT 9-2


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