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ACT 9-4

一番行ってみたいところは? ‘(What is) the place that you want to go and see the most?’

BTS 10 Comparison of Three or More Things  一番 ‘most’

BTS 11 都道府県

BTS 12 温泉 ‘Hot Springs’


Quizlet 9-4

Activity Book

☊9-4-1C Where’s the city? (BTS 11)

☊9-4-2C Which is the most… (BTS 10)

☊9-4-3P Asking which is the most X (BTS 10)

☊9-4-4P Acknowledging the defining feature of a place (BTS 11, 12)


Symbol list

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ACT 9-3

ACT 9-5


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