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ACT 14-1

入らないかな。 Maybe they won’t go in.

BTS 1 Transitive and intransitive Verbs

BTS 2 Sentence + かと思う: 無理かと……(思う)

BTS 3 Hypothetical statements: ~としたら


Quizlet 14-1

Activity Book

☊14-1-1C Transitive or intransitive? (BTS 1)

☊ 14-1-2C Action to exert change or not? したこと?起こったこと?(BTS 1)

☊ 14-1-3P Telling what the target of action is (BTS 1) 何に対して行動する?

☊ 14-1-4P Confirming with additional information (BTS 1, 2) 情報を加えて確認する


Symbol list

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ACT 14-2