ACT 14-2

家で料理 するようにしてる。 I’m making sure to cook at home.

BTS 4 Hearsay: Sentence + そう

BTS 5 Sentence +ことは + Sentence

BTS 6 つい + Sentence

BTS 7 Non-past Verb + ようにする



Quizlet 14-2

Activity Book

☊14-2-1C Hearsay or not? 聞いたこと?(BTS 4)

☊14-2-2P Reporting what you heard 聞いたことを伝える (BTS 1, 4)

☊14-2-3P Responding with reservation ためらいながら認める (BTS 5)

☊14-2-4P Encouraging someone to do their best 努力を促す (BTS 7)


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